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10I ve got a question about Nice
10I have read some topics speaking of Linq18:31
10and I wonder if Nice could be the equivalent for the java world18:32
10, not ?18:33
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<DRMacIver>Hm. I'm obviously confused. I thought you could retcon existing classes into interfaces you define?19:39
(Not just abstract interfaces)
Guess not19:41
<arjanb>not possible afaik19:45
i think it would require modifying the bytecode of the existing classes to do that19:46
<DRMacIver>Ok. It seems that classes defined in Nice (this excludes nice.lang.int and presumably similar) can be made to do it.19:48
Java classes can't.
(I managed to stop bungling the syntax - forgot it required explicit package declarations when outside your own package - so as to get Nice's compiler to give me a useful error message)19:49
Yeah, you're right. I was dreaming to hope that it was possible. :)19:50
Argh. It's been far too long since I've written any Nice. I'm completely unused to it now. :)20:18
Any thoughts what's wrong on line 15?
The compiler says: Encountered "(", was expecting one of:
<arjanb>it probably doesn't parse function types in method implementations, you just can leave the type off i think20:27
<DRMacIver>Hm. It looks like it's actually objecting to the lack of 'void' return type. Which is very odd, given that the compiler told me to take it off in the first place. :)20:29
Hm. Does Nice not have throws declarations on method signatures? It won't seem to allow me to use them.20:33
<arjanb>it doesn't have them just like bytecode20:34
<DRMacIver>Seems an odd design decision.
<arjanb>throw declarations are one of Java failed experiments20:36
Oh yes. One of the features of Nice I didn't miss. How annoyingly restrictive working type erased generics make the heirarchy. :)20:38
<arjanb>they sounds like good idea, but they don't scale well in bigger programs and mix badly with first class functions
<DRMacIver>I guess so