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<DRMacIver>Hm. Nice doens't have varargs, does it?11:06
(They look like they'd interact badly with some other features)11:08
<bonniot>no varargs. but you can use an inline array: foo(fixedarg, [a,b,c]);11:39
<DRMacIver>Yeah, but it's for a library I'm planning to use from Java, where declaring arrays inline is more annoying.15:42
I'm might just write a trivial Java wrapper around the actual functionality. :)
<bonniot>isn't varargs implemented at the source level only in javac?15:56
bc in that case, you can declare an Object[] arg in nice, and use it as a vararg from java15:57
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<DRMacIver>It doesn't appear to be the case that you can use a method with an Object[] array argument as a vararg.20:40
<bonniot>would be interesting to investigate how it works20:51
maybe javac expects an annotation, sth like that20:52
<DRMacIver>Let's see what happens on a decompile. One second.20:53
Hm. jad just decompiles it as expecting an array20:56
So does javap.20:57
Yeah. There's no diff between an Object[] and an Object... method.20:59
(i.e. I compiled the same source with both types of arguments and javap produced identical results for the two)
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<DRMacIver>I'm curious now. I'll do some investigation.21:03
Oh, on a totally unrelated note, I noticed what might be considered a problem with Nice's constructor system.21:04
e.g. in the Collections API you expect collections to have a constructor of the form new MyCollection(Collection otherCollection)
Because constructors don't have access to 'this' and initialisers don't have access to constructor arguments, this is actually quite difficult to do.21:05
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While we're here, anyone see what's wrong with this code? http://papernapkin.org/pastebin/view/408921:26
(Fails on the 'implements' line)
Oh, hmm. Wants the qualified name for some reason.21:27
sorry wrong window!??22:53
and i have to go. but see you around...
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