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<DRMacIver>Hm. I note that Nice.lang.reflect isn't using the parameterised type for Class. Any reason for that?20:31
(Presumably it's because it's pre 1.5 and no one has bothered to use it since its creation? :) )
<arjanb>i'm not sure, class is parameterized in nice.lang.java.nice20:46
The code in nice.lang.reflect appears to be 2-3 years old. When was 5 released?20:49
<arjanb>a little more than 2 years ago20:51
That's probably why then.20:52
Hm. Searching suggests more like 3
The notes suggest this uses the parameterisation
But the code doesn't. :)
<arjanb>it might be implictly, there was something odd with Class but i don't remember21:05
<arjanb>latest post on ltu looks like a reason to look into scala again..21:11