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03bonniot * 10Nice/NEWS: Move news in the right section (0.9.13).11:58
03bonniot * 10Nice/debian/ (jar rules control changelog): Changes in debian package 0.9.12-2.12:47
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<markha>bonniot: can you look at this lispaste http://paste.lisp.org/display/32707, and see what i'm doing wrong. I was just trying to convert a simple Java swing example to Nice. The relevant error is at the bottom of the paste. the relevant error is the first line of the ImageViewerFrame constructor19:58
the nice version is a fresh cvs build
<bonniot>i'll look19:59
btw, i checked this morning bootstrap works with java 1.6, and updated nice-current.jar
hum, it's the usage of the constructor that's incorrect20:04
nice constructors are very different from java ones
because the java model is broken ;-)20:05
i'm not sure how up to date the manual is, though, checking...
looks like you want an initializer, not a constructor20:07
does that make sense to you?20:24
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bonniot: wasn't the email you send today intended for Artem instead of me?20:36
<bonniot>hi arjan!20:40
was it artem who applied the patch?
<bonniot>oops! then the part about that patch was ;-)20:41
but not the rest ;-)
good to see you here
what about the license change? any objection?
<arjanb>i think the license change is a good idea20:42
<arjanb>for future licensing things i will let it be all up to you20:46
<arjanb>i probably won't write new code for Nice though (at least not anytime soon)20:55
<bonniot>i think all files have my name as the copyright holder, so i guess implicitely i can decide of the license change, but then it's better to have this said explicitely20:56
<bonniot>unfortunately i can't discuss much now, cause i'm getting ready to watch a film, but we should discuss some other time, or send me some news about yourself by email...20:58
<arjanb>ok, i'm on irc almost every evening so..21:00
<markha>thanks bonniot. kindof forgot to check back here :)21:42
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<DRMacIver>The consturctors thing is easy to get surprised by. All the information is there, but you need to dig to find it. If it's still lacking I might write an introduction to Nice constructors at some point when I understand things a bit better. :)23:16
<bonniot>that would be great23:19
it would surely useful to explain why java constructors are not satisfactory23:20
Nice constructors make sense, and are fundamentally pretty simple, but they're a significant difference from Java which one doesn't expect.
<DRMacIver>I remember looking at strange errors Nice was giving me from trying to access 'this' in a constructor and wondering what the hell was going on. :)
<bonniot>probably the error messages should be improved too ;-)23:22
<DRMacIver>Heh. Yes, probably. :)
(I'm still blocked by the lack of decent development capability at home, so I've not yet started any work on tinkering with the compiler. What with Christmas plans it will probably have to wait till the new year)23:23
<bonniot>sorry, i have to go now. see you around soon...
<DRMacIver>No problem23:24
I'm off to be soon anyway. :)
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