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<markha>ahh yes. Bug 1509635; support Java5 covariant return types. that was the problem i was referring00:46
looks like that got fixed a couple months ago
DRMacIver: you around? iwhere did you find that lastest nice.jar file?02:53
i'm running into the same problems you did + the covariant type problem with official builds. is there a cvs build of nice.jar lying around somewhere?
<markha>ok, found bootstrapping from cvs on the wiki. that should probably have a more prominent place on the site03:26
and that doesn't work because the jar is too old03:42
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DRMacIver, could you email me your nice.jar. I can't find latest cvs builds. 06:04
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<markha>hi daniel. can you direct me to a recent jar with the compiler fix for covariant types so that i can bootstrap?09:25
<markha>great. nice.sf.net/nice.jar was old10:24
DRMacIver: how'd you find out about that jar?10:29
and for some reason the ant task that downloads javacc.zip failed. "unsupported scheme" was the error10:30
<DRMacIver>markha: I emailed the mailing list and said "The CVS build is broken" and they told me to try that jar :) 10:47
Finding information from the main site appears slightly non-trivial.10:48
Have you tried using the makefile?
The ant script didn't work very well for me.
<markha>it built, except i had to manually download javacc.zip because that task failed10:55
Odd, worked for me.
Are you on a windows machine?
<markha>probably a windows thing
although, I slightly recall it working before
<DRMacIver>Never tried it on windows myself. The only place I use windows is at work.10:57
<markha>i use windows at home, and linux at work...sometimes
<DRMacIver>We're about half and half a java / .NET shop, and fairly microsoft oriented, so windows is mandatory at work (though we have some linux servers). At home I can't be bothered with windows.10:58
Too much work.
<markha>we're a linux shop10:59
<DRMacIver>(And totally lacking in good virtual desktops)
<markha>but i only do contract for them these days
but for a desktop, i prefer windows
i guess i'll get a mac sooner or later
how do i reload .emacs again?11:00
<DRMacIver>Beats me. I've never used emacs in my life. :)
<markha>i've already forgot all the emacs crap
i spent all this time customizing it. at least i got viper working
* DRMacIver uses vim when he wants a text editor that bites back
<markha>I used vim quite a bit when for things where an IDE isn't suitable
viper is a vi mode for emacs11:01
i was doing some lisp programming, so i had to learn a little emacs in order to use Slime
* DRMacIver has never done much lisp11:04
I like the idea of it, I've just never been very enamoured with the practice. :)
<markha>yeah, i've come to the conclusion that i can live without it11:09
i'd probably use plt scheme if i had to
well, no luck with emacs11:33
i guess i'll fake it with eclipse11:34
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<markha>crap. daniel left22:51
I do setSize(int, int) on a subclass of JFrame. I get: C:\temp\niceswing\nice-swing.nice: line 36, column 5:22:52
I don't get it. (nice.lang.Vector<T>, nice.lang.int)?22:57
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