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<sidewinder>hey ben77, so are you using emacs for Nice?22:51
<ben77>usually yes22:56
unfortunately the mode is not a ton more than syntax highlighting and compile shortcuts, but it still is helpful22:57
<sidewinder>yeah, i think i mentioned that I was using vim java mode for nice, but i'd like to move on to eclipse soon. 23:06
i can't get the cvs eclipse plugin to build (think it's something to do with ant and the list of package dependencies, but I'm not sure). But I was thinking that it might be easier to just write an eclipse plugin in java instead of nice. it's probably go faster, but writing it in Nice does seem like the "right" thing to do from a purists standpoint. What are your plans regarding editor/IDE choices?23:08
<ben77>dunno, I haven't used nice enough to need more than the emacs mode. The eclipse mode currently is worse than the emacs mode. It needs a lot of work before it would be decent.23:22
<sidewinder>The eclipse mode needs to be worked on bad. I've got an eclipse plugin book and I'm looking at the Nice eclipse code as it is now, but it won't build. Plus, there's not much there and it might be better just to write it in Java and then eventually port it back to Nice. 23:25
In 2006, you're going to need decent IDE support (especially for Java developers), and Nice definitely needs some fresh blood, it seems.23:26
but for the time being, i might as well bootstrap myself with a vim environment. 23:38