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what is needed to build from CVS?22:10
<ben77>just java if running *nix22:15
otherwise you'll need ant22:16
no bootstrap files?
<ben77>oh, I forgot, you'll need javacc, it downloaded it automatically for me under linux though22:22
<ben77>bootstrap comes with it or is downloaded automatically I think22:23
yeah, there should be an external/nice-bootstrap.jar in the soure tar.gz22:24
<sidewinder>downloaded during the ant build?
<ben77>nice-bootstrap should be there in the archive when you download it
<sidewinder>it's not in my external22:25
from cvs
<ben77>hmm, maybe only in the tarbuilds, just a sec
I built from CVS, but used the makefile, so I'm having to take a look22:27
I expect the ant should do just fine, with you maybe needing to download javacc and sticking it in the external dir22:28
by the way, when i checked out the windows build (which i believe is .10 or something) when i try to compile a little helloworld.nice all I get is C:\Nice\learn>nicec.bat helloworld.nice22:43
my compilation fails, but of course it didn't tell me why22:44
or maybe it did on further review :)
<ben77>I haven't tried the windows build yet
hmm, looks like the ant build needs to have a nice.jar from the latest binary22:46
it says in the build.xml that a nice.jar is available from http://nice.sourceforge.net/nice.jar but I don't know if that is older or newer than what is in 0.9.12, as I don't know if that has been maintained22:47
with the binary, you ought to be able to just run nicec mytest.nice if nicec is on your PATH22:50
<sidewinder>So I do need a nice jar to bootstrap? and will the one I have from 0.9.10?
<ben77>*if nicec.bat is on your path
<sidewinder>yeah, i have nicec.bat in my path but it complains about package helloworld.nice not being found
<ben77>oops, mistake in what I wrote, you should run "nicec helloworld"22:51
<ben77>not helloworld.nice
<sidewinder>same error
<ben77>nicec compiles packages, rather than classes/files
you would need a directory structure like this say C:\Nice\learn\helloworld\filename.nice22:52
<sidewinder>and then compile on the directory?
<ben77>then cd to C:\Nice\learn and run nicec helloworld
<sidewinder>yep, that did it
<ben77>the docs unfortunately need a lot of work, as the information tends to be scattered at best22:53
take a look at http://nice.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/twiki/view/Doc/QuickIntroduction22:54
<sidewinder>ok, so i built a jar file, but can't run it because "java" complains about a missing main method22:58
<ben77>java -jar doesn't work?22:59
<sidewinder>never mind. "main" was capitalized23:00
used to C#
cool. i got it running
thanks for your help
<ben77>no problem23:01
<sidewinder>is there any schedule for a 1.0 release?
I found this pretty recently23:02
<sidewinder>Nice seems to be the "nicest" alternative language for the jvm. too bad there's not much of a community around it and no decent IDE support
<ben77>the eclipse plugin is really minimal, but the emacs mode isn't that bad, but it doesn't have all the cool stuff eclipse has for java23:12
<sidewinder>not an emacs fan. i've setup vim to use java mode for nice23:29
<ben77>yeah, that'll work for most stuff, especially since 1.523:30