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<dbr>how is it going?
<sriramalka>Fixed all the errors related to Stringbuffer.append(), but ran into a curious problem with compiling stdlib. There are errors in some .nice programs and these are clearly javacc error messages. For example:10:50
stdlib/nice/lang/using.nice: line 93, column 1:
Encountered "}".10:51
Was expecting one of:
"{" ...
"override" ...
I'm using the latest 4.0 version of javacc.
Overall there are nine such errors in different files, and I'm looking for a pattern.
<dbr>could you try an earlier version to see if that is creating the problem?10:52
the version we developed for was 3.210:53
<sriramalka>I could do that. I was loathe to do it earlier, because I presumed you might be using an earlier version anyway, and clearly it compiles for you. I'm also running all this on Mac OS X.
<dbr>we've had Mac developers before, so hopefully there should not be specific problems with that10:54
<sriramalka>Also, as far as the .append problem is concerned, there ought not to be an ambiguity error. After all, javac doesn't have a problem with it and append really isn't a multi-method; the only implementation available is in the class hierarchy. Again, I'll look at the pattern more closely to see why only some of them fail.10:56
<dbr>i think the difference with javac is that in Nice, char is a subtype of Object10:57
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