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<bonniot>how are you doing?09:45
<ArtemGr>well, i was doing a lot of things lately. : )09:46
like finishing 5th chapter of my Chesterton translation to russian yesterday. ; )09:47
<bonniot>not unusual ;-)
oh, that's less usal!
cool. are you doing professional translation?
<ArtemGr>no, i just can't stand how it was translated before. so far a very few who saw mine seems to like it.09:48
<bonniot>how is it going to be published?09:49
<ArtemGr>i'll put it online, and about publishing i'll ask some of my friends. well, at least three of them have published something, although only one did it for public.09:52
well, mine goal was not to publish it, but just to share it with some peoples who i know who don't know english...09:54
<bonniot>you know about "creative commons" licenses?09:56
if you put it online...
<ArtemGr>in russia we pretty much don't bother with licenses. the law system isn't working anyway.09:58
encountered the D language few days ago: http://digitalmars.com/d/index.html
a lot of things there, though its niche is definitely different from Java (no safety, no reflection).
<bonniot>what did you find interesting?09:59
<ArtemGr>thanks for a hint, though (about creativecommons)10:00
in fact, the thing is who first published it, not about who licensed it, as far as i know
"what did you find interesting?" - closures, pointers, garbage collection, performance, true templates, no headers, easy to compile and small binaries. it's like mixing C with Nice.10:04
compiler is actually 20% faster than C...10:05
(compiled code, that is)
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<bonniot>hi arjanb 10:10
<bonniot>btw, did you experience the compilation speedups between 0.9.11 and HEAD?10:11
<arjanb>didn't try yet10:12
<ArtemGr>i've downloaded the HEAD, bot not compiled it yet. btw, i'm disappointed in Sun's JVM and looking forward to compile Nice with GCJ. If i only had more time. : j10:13
correction: in Sun's JVM under FreeBSD.
i have fallen into the "Java Trap". : )10:15
i've been tracking Nice test results with gcj, and reported a few bugs (4 failures in the testsuite)10:19
<ArtemGr>i saw your recent post about Generics. ; )10:20
"Re: Bug 9861 and Java 5 Generics"10:21
<arjanb>15% off compiling niceswing and 30% off bossa.syntax10:23
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