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hi everybody
nobody else present at the moment
<tweety>french orenglish15:45
<tweety>thank you very very much
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<Artem>well, you're welcome. what for?15:49
<tweety>for choosing english
<Artem>i see. i do not speak french15:50
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<tweety>i made a mistake because there is another person who has a similar nicknahe 15:51
she speaks french
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my nick is usually ArtemGr15:53
Artem is a fallback when IRC deny a login into ArtemGr after a disconnection.
where are you from
<ArtemGr>this is a channel about the Nice programming language. it is logged here: http://nice.sourceforge.net/irc.html15:55
if you want to speak with me personally, please do so in private channel
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