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<Arafangion>ArtemGr: What's TDD?08:21
<ArtemGr>test-driven development08:22
i could recommend "Test-Driven Development By Example" by Kent Beck as easy introduction.08:23
<Arafangion>I already do test-driven development.
Though I currently do them all by hand, manually.
(How else can you do it with a GUI app :( )
<ArtemGr>why, with a tool08:24
<Arafangion>For example?08:25
<ArtemGr>I'm not actively developing any GUI's as of yet, so not from personal experience, but from what i heard, for example:08:31
<Arafangion>I use wx.
And programmatic testing fails in one very strong point.08:32
Can the user *see* the button, and physically click on it, etc.
<ArtemGr>quick google search on 'wx GUI testing' reveals something like http://starship.python.net/~hochberg/guitest.pyw08:34
<Arafangion>Not sure if I like that one.08:36
UI testing is a different boat, anyway.08:37
<ArtemGr>About test failing, i do not agree with your choise of words. GUI testing can't "fail" becouse it still performs TDD functions: a) better/easier software design and development, b) less errors, no errors repeated. You see, the goal of the TDD is to have less errors, not to have 'absolutely no errors', which is simply impossible for an evolving program.
about button visibility, i'm pretty sure you can find a way to check the button color if you really wish to...08:39
<Arafangion>It is trivial to just test the functiosn that the gui uses, but I was more talking about adding the widgets, and ensuring that the whole thing doesn't crash, that you've attached everything properly (If you don't, everything "bunches up"), etc.08:40
<ArtemGr>i still think you should be able to emulate keyboard input on a window, regardless of the widget, then you should be able to test any widget as long as it supports keyboar shortcats to open menu and navigate, at least to some extent.08:45
<Arafangion>That is a good opint.
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