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<CIA-6>03artemgr * 10Nice/src/nice/tools/unit/api.nice: Custom classloader.10:27
03artemgr * 10Nice/src/nice/tools/unit/console/main.nice: An option to invoke System.exit when finished.10:28
<bonniot>hi artem10:57
what gives?
<ArtemGr>encountered class ordering problems twice recently. one with NiceTee - this one is hard to solve correctly, as you said, although can be partly mitigated with interface dispatch optimization. another when overriding TestListener from nice.tools.unit, this one solved with automatic jars ordering by File.lastModified() in classloader...11:00
<bonniot>you have a custom front-end of niceunit?11:38
<ArtemGr>just a "for( pkg : packages ) runTests( pkg, listener, classloader: loader );" on a predefined set of packages inside the program11:39
<bonniot>i see11:47
i wonder if garbage collecting the classloaders would release the locks
it depends on the database connector design, i guess11:48
<ArtemGr>it wont, since databases tend to start threads
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<bonniot>isn't it a flaw in the connector design? what if you really need several claasloaders?11:49
<ArtemGr>well, everything would be fine if i will close the database in every test. but why should i? the application usually reuses the opened database, it is natural to do the same in the tests. the JIT might be faster with a single classloader too, perhaps. execution time of the tests is important thing in TDD, after all.11:53
hello arjan11:56
<ArtemGr>salute, arjan12:02
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