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anybody know of a channel where I can ask questions about language design?23:01
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<bonniot_>hi {aaron}23:11
<bonniot_>no, i don't know about such channel
do you know the lang-smiths list?
<{aaron}>no. i am only starting to learn about language design formally, and have some questions, especially regarding some things in the text i am using: programming language parsers in java23:13
<bonniot_>that list is what I can think of as the closest23:17
or maybe a newsgroup like comp.compilers
you can always try here of course, ;-)
<{aaron}>well, the way things are described in certain places confuses me, but I am probably over analysing23:21
<bonniot_>sorry, it looks hard to follow out of context..23:24
<{aaron}>yeah, sorry :( I also have Modern Compiler Implementation In Java, so perhaps I will read them in parallel to balance each other, instead of linearly23:25
MCIIJ doesn't talk about ASTs until the 4th chapter, so maybe i'm just over analysing at this point
<Atomixx>bonniot_, http://www.99-bottles-of-beer.net/language-nice-677.html
bonniot_, it has finally made it there :)23:26
<bonniot_>Atomixx: cool!
<Atomixx>it took a bit of time. I nearly thought, they forgot about it ;)23:27
<{aaron}>gotta run23:50
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