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hi artem09:56
<ArtemGr>salute, glad to see you
<bonniot>i'm planning to do a release soon09:58
anything that should be done before?
<ArtemGr>well, i've seen another small problem in Java integration, introduced with recent changes, but it was easily solved with a 'cast'10:02
i'll try to repeat it in a small test case, if you wish10:03
here i can describe it
the code looks like this:10:04
var args = dugout.stickArgs; if( null == args )
args = ru.webcrm.base.cms.PlugStub$Utility.argsInstance( dugout );
ahh, sorry, thinking of this case over, i found it not to be a Nice bug, but mine. it worked before the recent changes, thought.10:05
dugout.stickArgs is a typed Map, and argsInstance returns and untyped one (Map<?,?>)10:06
<bonniot>and what is the initial type?10:07
<ArtemGr>so it seems there is an improvement in type checking.
<bonniot>yes, that was the point of the recent changes for '?'
<ArtemGr>Incorrect type in assignment to args
Found : <ru.webcrm.base.cms.Workspace <: ?ru.webcrm.base.cms.Workspace> nice.lang.Map<?, ?>
Expected: ?nice.lang.Map<java.lang.String, java.lang.String>
btw, you should not need to write $10:09
<ArtemGr>Class ru.webcrm.base.cms.PlugStub has no static method or static field named Utility10:10
args = ru.webcrm.base.cms.PlugStub.Utility.argsInstance( dugout ).cast();
<bonniot>then that's a bug
there is support for inner classes, but maybe it doesn't apply for static fields10:11
and methods
<ArtemGr>i stumbled on it from the very beginning and use $ for inner classes since10:14
"but maybe it doesn't apply for static fields" - there is no static fields used in the above code10:15
<bonniot>"and methods"10:16
<ArtemGr>ah, silly of me
<CIA-2>03bonniot * 10Nice/ (debian/changelog NEWS): Closed 0.9.1110:34
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<CIA-2>03bonniot * 10Nice/web/.htaccess: Released 0.9.1112:09
03bonniot * 10Nice/distrib/Makefile: Renamed source.tar.gz into source.tgz12:10
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arjanb: have you seen there is a beta of JavaCC 4.0?17:51
<arjanb>yeah but didn't try it yet18:17
<bonniot>would be good to do it to be able to give some feedback before they release18:40
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