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<ArtemGr>salute, nice to see you
<bonniot>did you try the latest version? does it solve all the problems?08:26
<ArtemGr>i had new problems with it08:27
<ArtemGr>something with println
will try again now and report you more08:30
<ArtemGr> [java] C:\spool\Java\glippets\src\ru\glim\socks\server.nice: line 37, column 5:08:32
[java] No possible call for println.
[java] Arguments: (T)
[java] Possibilities:
[java] <T> nice.lang.void println(T object)
[java] nice.lang.void println(java.io.PrintStream)
[java] nice.lang.void println(java.io.PrintWriter)
[java] compilation failed with 1 error
the code looks like this08:33
public int turn( SocksServer ss, int timeout = -1 ){
for( key : ss.selector.selectedKeys() ){
println( key );
public class SocksServer extends Thread {
Selector selector = Selector.open();08:34
where Selector is from "import java.nio.channels.*;"
presumably ss.selector.selectedKeys() returns an untyped Set08:35
<bonniot>i see08:36
so it must be Set<?>
ok, I can reproduce it08:39
<ArtemGr>funny. i've tried "assert key instanceof Object;" as a workaround and got08:40
[java] Arguments (T, nice.lang.Class<Object>) do not fit:
[java] <T, U> nice.lang.boolean `instanceof`(T value,nice.lang.Class<U>)
<bonniot>same problem most likely08:41
this should do it:09:17
--- src/mlsub/typing/NullnessKind.java 27 May 2005 13:59:47 -0000 1.6
+++ src/mlsub/typing/NullnessKind.java 31 May 2005 07:07:02 -0000
@@ -95,7 +95,13 @@
Monotype m1 = (Monotype) e1;
Monotype m2 = (Monotype) e2;
- if (m1.isUnknown() || m2.isUnknown())
+ if (m1.isUnknown())
+ {
+ m2.setUnknown();
+ return;
+ }
+ if (m2.isUnknown())09:18
throw LowlevelUnsatisfiable.instance;
i'm testing, and I should commit shortly is everything is OK
<CIA-2>03bonniot * 10tester/ (Project Testsuite.test run): Support for experimental JVMs (do not prevent the update of the dev version on failure) and for setting the JAVA and JAVAC commands explicitely
<ArtemGr>confirmed: with your patch everything now builds fine09:29
<CIA-2>03bonniot * 10Nice/ (2 files in 2 dirs): 09:33
Allow the unknown type to be smaller as another type, as long as that one
can be made unknown too.
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artem: did you give up the idea to add the encoding option?17:10
<ArtemGr>bonniot: why? no, i'm going to implement it, as soon as i have some spare time for this (and the mood).17:30
bonniot: do you have any need in it?17:39
bonniot: i mean, any urgency?
<bonniot>no, nothing urgent17:58
i just saw the failure on your test machine
<ArtemGr>yeah, here i have a workaround, but it gives me a warning which i see often, so i can't forget about this RFE even if i wanted to : )18:00
it's just i hadn't any spare time for a long time18:01
<bonniot>ok, np18:07
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