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has something changed in the generation of dispatch code lately?12:19
i don't think so, as it was the coverage testing
<arjanb>if i have class like class A { A foo(); } and many subclasses then only dispatch code is generated in A.foo()12:37
this isn't a problem with a few subclasses but with tens of subclasses the sequence of instanceof's are a bottleneck12:44
<bonniot>this is not new12:54
only before it was in dispatch.foo
it would be indeed possible to optimize it12:55
<arjanb>i thought it was already done when the nice methods were compiled inside classes12:56
<bonniot>no, it's done when a Java method is implemented in nice13:03
we discussed it when artem implemented the compilation of "interface methods" inside classes, but that's not implemented
<arjanb>i see13:08
<bonniot>did you mesure a performance problem, or just looked at the bytecode?13:11
<arjanb>i noticed a performance problem in something i'm writing13:12
<bonniot>it should not be very hard to implement the optimization13:15
<arjanb>yeah i can look into it13:58
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