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<bonniot>hi ArtemGr 13:00
<bonniot>how are you doing?
<ArtemGr>thanks for asking.13:05
i'm busy moving parts of my project to db4o.
Nice is working fine in NiceTee, glad i've implemented it.
i was disappointed with my existing storage, therefore there is a further drawback of moving to the db4o instead of implementing the tasks at hand...13:07
<bonniot>ok, glad to know the Nice part is working well13:10
what's the status of your patch for interface methods?
<ArtemGr>i hope there will be time for me to work on test cases on 'may holidays'.13:11
<bonniot>only testcases are missing?13:12
<ArtemGr>i might look into optimizing instanceof away, after testcases13:14
<bonniot>yes, that's definitely a later stage13:16
if you are very busy, maybe I or arjan could do the testcases13:17
<ArtemGr>if you want to. i'd rather would like you to work on existing bugs and visibility.13:18
<bonniot>any specific bug you'd like to push?
<ArtemGr>: ) let me see..13:19
how about "[ 1060718 ] Cant access protected members of a java class" ?13:20
?? ? ??? ?? ????? ???????????? ??? 1.1, ? ?????????? ? ??? 1.0
sorry, missed the right window13:27
or is 1060718 partially fixed?13:30
anyway, it would be good to have visibility finished and property access cleared out. currently i can't have a field and a method accessor with the same name, for example. i thought this problem would be eventually cleared together with visibility.13:34
<bonniot>1060718: yes, there is a patch attached by luc. not sure if it was applied, i think arjan will know13:42
i got a from somebody wanting to join the devlopment team13:43
i proposed him to work on finishing the visibility work (fields are ignored, for instance)
your fields/methods with the same name are simulating properties?13:44
<ArtemGr>yes, usually they provide access to properties, but that isn't a principle.13:51
i had a problem extending HashedMap from org.apache.commons.collections once, becouse they had a size property and a size method.13:53
in general, my "_" prefix comes very handy, becouse i can't have a property and a method with the same name.13:54
from what i casually overheard, this isn't an intended behaviour for Nice.
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<ArtemGr>salute, Arjan.13:57
<arjanb>as for bug 1060718, the attached patch has some bugs and i didn't know how to solve them14:02
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