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have you seen this http://lambda-the-ultimate.org/node/view/673 ?13:10
but if they only have a preliminary spec, they arequite behind13:27
especially since they haven't proved type soundness13:30
is artem coming regularly? I wonder what's the status of his interface method patch13:50
i also got a contribution proposal
thinking about what task I can propose
maybe adding testcases and finishing the visibility work
or properties, but that's bigger to start with, and it might be clearer in a later phase13:51
other ideas?
<arjanb>Artem is joining here almost daily13:54
i don't know any other medium size task13:56
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Can I ask for help regarding eclipse plugins here ?
<ShaDeFaDe> Is there any way to reference resources inside a .jar file from the plugin.xml file?16:46
<bonniot>what are you trying to do?
<ShaDeFaDe>I have som icons inside my jar file16:49
that i use in my plugin.xml file
som = some
<bonniot>oh, this is about plugins in general? i though it was about the nice plugin
<ShaDeFaDe>it is about plugin development :D
<bonniot>i'm afraid i can't really help with that16:50
<ShaDeFaDe>ok :(
<bonniot>how did you arrive here? ;-)
<ShaDeFaDe>google.com and I searched for plugin help channels16:51
then I found some logs
<bonniot>i see
look for an eclipse channel
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