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<raboof>hm, maybe the website should carry a small example for each `advanced feature' on the website. To give people a less abstract view of what's so nice about it ;)10:51
i may try and cook some up, but not now ;)
<bonniot>that would be nice ;-)11:04
good idea!
sorry, have to run now...
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<ArtemGr>salute : )
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<bonniot>how is your patch? you wrote the testcases?20:13
no time this week20:14
so you are using it locally, and it fills your needs?20:15
let me know if I can help with something
<ArtemGr>no, it works fine
<ArtemGr>you can hint me of what that optimization may consist of, i am curious
that is, in what way shoul it be going
<ArtemGr>isn't "member: true" parameter to the generateMethod() sufficient not to generate instanceof? or there are situations when "member" is "true" but instanceof is still required?20:27
<bonniot>well, we could always avoid instanceof on 'this' I think20:32
<ArtemGr>at least for the first parameter?20:33
oh, i think that is what you've said. : )
<bonniot>indeed ;-)20:36
only for the first, in general
this is basically what is already done for "java multimethods"
<ArtemGr>okay. i hope i'm not delaying you or something.20:39
you probably know already about JLS3 out? It has been mentioned on GCJ list.20:43
<bonniot>is there a "diff"?20:54
<ArtemGr>you mean the "updated version of the class file format"? i don't know were is it. : )20:56
<bonniot>jls should be java, not bytecode, right?20:57
<ArtemGr>i think he meant this page:20:58
referenced from this link20:59
> The VMSpec has not yet been updated to a third edition
> but important updates can be found in:
> http://java.sun.com/docs/books/vmspec/2nd-edition/jvms-maintenance.html
<bonniot>i meant, for the jls, it would be useful to see only what they added to the 3rd edition21:00
<ArtemGr>they should have put it in CVS and make sure patches are cleanly separated from each other ; )21:01
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