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how are you?20:39
<arjanb>quite well
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<cm_>arjanb: Have you tried darcs? I'm looking for a disconnected system23:27
<arjanb>i have experimented with it but i haven't used it for a project yet23:31
<cm_>Isn't there any risk of inconstencies due to the absence of a central repository?23:37
Or should you have a "master" repos?
<arjanb>what do you mean by inconsistencies?23:38
<cm_> I created two repos. Added a conflicting edit. I resolved the conflict on repos B. Then, how do I ensure that B is conistent with A if A is the "master" copy. 23:47
<ArtemGr>push B to A?23:50
<cm_>Anything as long as A and B are equivalent
<arjanb>yeah or pull B from A
in darcs a repos is only based on the patches it contains23:51
<cm_>I have to try it out. I wan't to work with my workspace copy from work on my laptop. We are using perfoce there.23:55
btw, could arch be used disconnected?23:56
<arjanb>there's a #darcs on this network23:57
<cm_>ok, thanks23:58
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