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Daniel didn't commited his new testing framework, as it seems.14:36
I have a few bug testcases for it. : )
<arjanb>i guess he's still working on it14:37
can't these bug testcase be added to the existing testsuite?
it's about Java integration, primarily.14:38
i had a Java protected constructor override problem yesterday, for example.
when extending AbstractHashMap from commons-collections.14:39
<arjanb>could you put these testcases online somewhere?14:41
<ArtemGr>i was going to write them using the new system. we've mentioned it few days ago.14:44
<arjanb>i see14:46
is any of the problem not related to protected java things?14:55
<ArtemGr>the problem with a constructor, i think, is not related to its protected status. it is a more general problem of overriding an existing constructor.14:59
althought there are two problems, that protected constructor is made visible by Nice, and that i can't override it.15:00
other then that, i was going to write ClassLoader testcases.15:01
not only was, but am going to write them. : )15:02
<arjanb>protected methods don't work either, you can't call them nor override them15:03
<ArtemGr>but i think i can call protected constructors.
<CIA-3>03arjanb * 10Nice/src/bossa/ (7 files in 2 dirs): Constants for nullness tags.16:57
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it's cool to have the nullness constants!20:33
<arjanb>Artem wanted to use the new testing framework for some testcases he has20:36
i didn't use an enum because i fear to enum implementation needs to change a lot20:37
<bonniot>ok, constants are good enough20:38
<arjanb>i see quite a lot of red in automic tests20:43
<bonniot>yes seems related to artem's assert change20:44
it fails on his machine, so i'll let him investigate
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