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<CIA-3>03bonniot * 10Nice/src/bossa/syntax/ (9 files): 02:09
Lazily load only those retypings that might be used in the program, based on
the set of identifiers used in the program.
<arjanb>do i need a new dev version to bootstrap?02:23
<bonniot>i don't think so, but at least after 03/22 (your fix for '\n')02:24
you fail on a char constant, right?
<arjanb>no it's the testsuite failing dispatch tests02:27
<bonniot>ah, but you have a different bootstrap mechanism, so I don't know how that works02:28
the format for java method full names has changed, that could be it02:29
<arjanb>is a new dev version up?
<bonniot>the bootstrap process must rebuild nice.lang (and all libs) with the new compiler
do you do that?02:30
<arjanb>i think not02:31
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i can't get the testsuite pass even using the latest dev version11:26
oh the dev version is 3 days old11:28
<bonniot>yeah, i know11:29
there is a small bug in cvs, i will fix it
did you try the ant build? if it follows Makefile, then it should be able to bootstrap
<CIA-3>03bonniot * 10Nice/src/bossa/syntax/retypedMethod.nice: 11:32
Moved addToScope up to reflect pass order. Add test for nullness of
reflectMethod since ignoredRetyping is not computed yet at that point.
<arjanb>a double bootstrap with the batch file seems to work12:36
<arjanb>that is long ago, the testsuite running that fast12:54
and we have much more tests, so it's really faster
<arjanb>at worst it was 18 minutes now only 912:57
<bonniot>this should help speed up development ;-)12:59
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<CIA-3>03arjanb * 10Nice/src/mlsub/typing/lowlevel/ (DomainVector.java K0.java Satisfier.java): Copy constructor for DomainVector.
<bonniot>hi ArtemGr 14:14
<bonniot>seen the performance improvements?14:16
<ArtemGr>yes. will try to compile fresh version now.14:17
<bonniot>you need a not too old bootstrap version14:18
after march 2214:19
<ArtemGr>should http://nice.sourceforge.net/tests.html work?14:23
<bonniot>i'm working on it14:24
there was a network problem on the test machine
it's rerunning at this very moment
<ArtemGr>is "config-bench" required in the tester scripts?14:45
<ArtemGr>why is it in the CVS then?14:50
<CIA-3>03bonniot * 10tester/config-bench: config-bench is a local config file only14:53
<bonniot>it's not ;-)
"/home/groups/n/ni/nice/test-central/results" is not group-writable15:52
<ArtemGr>"/home/groups/n/ni/nice/test-central" might be made group-writable too, so that the tests.html might be generated.
what about individual files?
<ArtemGr>probably "tests.html"15:56
<ArtemGr>nay, "tests.xml" and "tests.html" and ../htdocs ...15:57
maybe everything?
./run: line 9: tests.xml: Permission denied15:59
<bonniot>and now?
ah, i see your results ;-)16:00
<ArtemGr>now ok
<bonniot>good, now we can know when the ant script breaks ;-)16:01
i suppose you had to change the Project script, right?
<ArtemGr>i'll try to submit my changes to the CVS16:02
<ArtemGr>not only the Ant, but FreeBSD native JDK...16:13
<ArtemGr>and FreeBSD toolchain, which differs from Linux.
<CIA-3>03artemgr * 10Nice/testsuite/compiler/overloading/fields.testsuite: Overloading bug found.17:08
03artemgr * 10tester/ (Project Regression.test Testsuite.test gcj.test run): Support Ant compilation undler FreeBSD toolchain.17:09
<ArtemGr>The bug placed to the fields.testsuite produce an InternalError with "clonedType in use" message. Somebody should look into it, probably.17:11
<bonniot>ArtemGr: do you need a workaround?
<ArtemGr>The workaround is: Object dbLock(){ let tmp = db; return tmp; } ...17:12
<bonniot>ok ;-)17:13
does this.db work?
<ArtemGr>yes. thanks. : )17:14
<bonniot>looks a bit better ;-)17:15
<CIA-3>03artemgr * 10Nice/regtest/regtest: expr: use standard ":" instead of "match" (to run under FreeBSD).17:44
<bonniot>did you get regtest to pass yet?17:45
<ArtemGr>seems to work when executed by hands
private visibility works for methods. cool. : )17:58
must run. bye.
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<CIA-3>03bonniot * 10Nice/stdlib/nice/lang/range.nice: Added missing List method implementations.18:02
03bonniot * 10Nice/src/bossa/syntax/javaMethod.nice: 18:06
Use the java method name in the full name, not the nice one, to be fully
independent of the retyping to identify the java method, in the rare case
where those two names are different.
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