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<bonniot>what would you think about stopping printing warning after an error was printed, in the console output?10:29
that would make it easier to spot the errors, they would always be at the end
<arjanb>that could help or a --nowarn option10:31
<bonniot>with --nowarn, if you are lost, you would need to restart the compilation with that flag10:33
if the default behavior is to not print warns after errors, it's simpler10:34
maybe errors could be saved up till the end of a compilation phase and printed then
though that could cause long delay in getting the errors10:38
<bonniot>yes. a gui plugin can do that easily, but for the console output just ignoring later warnings is better10:48
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<bonniot>hi ArtemGr 11:07
how are you?
<bonniot>fine thanks!
<ArtemGr>glad to hear. i'm a bit dumped, as usual.11:08
<bonniot>too much work?11:09
<ArtemGr>nay, too much worry. : ) pay no nevermind.11:11
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<bonniot>looks like CIA is not doing its job today...17:38
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<arjanb>that's 2% less time in bootstrap18:43
<bonniot>how many optims?18:44
<arjanb>the exception avoiding one
<bonniot>the next one is even better ;-)18:45
(in my tests. it's quite hard to get reliable mesurements)
i see -6.7% in clock time and -12% in processor time18:47
(as the result of both optims)
<arjanb>nicec seems quite dependant on the harddisk usage18:48
<bonniot>by other processes?18:49
<bonniot>yes, it's typical. that's why it's better to bench on an idle machine18:50

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