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<bonniot>ArtemGr: http://www.rsdn.ru/Forum/Message.aspx?mid=1088622&only=100:11
tried babelfish, was funny but not very useful ;-)
good night00:12
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<CIA-9>03bonniot * 10Nice/ (11 files in 6 dirs): Enforce private visibility for methods (no restriction yet).13:35
<bonniot>hello arjan16:41
<bonniot>how are you doing?16:50
<arjanb>as before16:51
<bonniot>can the unknown type (?) appear anywhere in sources? is it needed to try to parse it?18:42
i saw it's used if 'Class' is written in package.nicei. but i'm not too happy to reserve 'unknown' as a keyword19:14
and '?' is too similar to the option type specifier, and makes the parser more complex and slow
i'm thinking about using '??' instead19:15
<arjanb>i don't know if the unknown type is useful elsewhere20:02
i think ?? is confusing in error messages20:04
is the unknown type similar to an unbounded wildcard in java?20:09
<bonniot>yes, i think it is similar20:23
<arjanb>so what's the difference between unknown and a type variable?20:26
<bonniot>UnknownType it's also used for non-retyped methods with type parameters, but that does not appear in parsing, only in error messages
unknow is like an anonymous type variable20:27
<arjanb>so it could be useful for types of local variables?
<bonniot>for instance?20:28
<arjanb>now you can give only monomorphic types to locals20:30
java allows wildcards in local variable20:32
<bonniot>that's less poweful than polymorphic let20:33
isn't that already working in Nice?20:35
<arjanb>not that i know20:36
<bonniot> List<unknown> l = new LinkedList();20:40
that works
<arjanb>what about using 'Any' for unknown and instead of the java wildcard '?' ?20:41
<bonniot>i had forgotten java was also using '?'20:44
why did you change ? to unknown? did we discuss it?
<arjanb>because of confusing error messages20:45
<bonniot>confusing with nullness marker?20:47
<bonniot>it's problematic to have a different syntax than Java for the same thing20:50
<arjanb>'?' could be accepted by the parser with a warning20:54
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