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what are the news?14:45
<arjanb>nothing new from me14:47
the 35 remaining testcases may need a look14:49
<bonniot>you mean 15?15:03
number of testcases: 129515:04
successes : 1245
regressions: 0
warnings : 15
known bugs : 35
<arjanb>oh right
<bonniot>why is this supposed to be redundant? :16:03
?(int)?->int f;
<arjanb>maybe -> has higher priority than ?16:04
<bonniot>isn't it the same as: ?(?int->int)
then how is it parsed?
<arjanb>atm i think ?((int)?->int) f;16:05
<bonniot>then the testcase should be PASS bug, agreed?16:07
<arjanb>it has a ? on the function type 2 times
<bonniot>it should be the same as: ?(?int->int)16:08
<bonniot>so it's a bug
<CIA-10>03bonniot * 10Nice/testsuite/compiler/expressions/operators/boolean.testsuite: Finished ignoring the -> boolean implication operator.
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<CIA-10>03bonniot * 10Nice/testsuite/compiler/globalVariables.testsuite: Test \n in toplevel values.17:33
03bonniot * 10Nice/ (2 files in 2 dirs): 17:55
Improved location of redundant nullness markers errors.
Removed dubious testcases and added clear ones.
03bonniot * 10Nice/testsuite/compiler/expressions/conditional.testsuite: Reworked the testcase to have a real ambiguity in the conditional.18:14
03bonniot * 10Nice/testsuite/compiler/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Added failure locations.18:24
03bonniot * 10tester/Flow4j.test: Avoid cache effects18:28
03bonniot * 10Nice/testsuite/compiler/native/class.testsuite: Added failure locations.18:37
03arjanb * 10Nice/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Fixed bug in pretty printing char constants.18:38
<bonniot>oh, thanks!
<arjanb>i think it was regression caused by the conversion18:41
<bonniot>maybe, and it was not tested21:34
i think all or most of the remaining cases without locations are ones where it's not really possible to have one, at least for the moment22:08
i think i will add a no-location keyword for those few cases
like a java method that is not covered
<arjanb>sounds useful22:20
<CIA-10>03bonniot * 10Nice/src/nice/tools/testsuite/ (TestSuite.java TestCase.java FailTestCase.java): Added support for the no-location testcase keyword.22:26
03bonniot * 10Nice/testsuite/compiler/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Marked testcases that don't have an obvious error location with no-location.22:48
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