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<CIA-2>03bonniot * 10Nice/web/new.xsl: Added link to feature requests.13:27
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<bonniot>how are we doing with deprecated syntax? i thought this might be a good time to move on, first by updating the testsuite not to use them...16:17
<arjanb>you mean in patterns?
<bonniot>at least that. is it the only deprecated syntax?16:18
<arjanb>afaik yes16:19
<bonniot>ok, good16:20
<arjanb>a diff between jls 2.0 and jls 3.0 seems available now: http://java.sun.com/docs/books/jls/jls-proposed-changes.html16:25
<bonniot>what does jls 3 cover? Java 5?16:26
<bonniot>ok, it's useful16:27
<arjanb>it's odd that a complete jls 3.0 is still not available16:28
<bonniot>it will probably be useful at some point to consider if we can minimize the difference
yeah, the spec comes after the implementation ;-)16:29
for instance, it might be a good idea to follow the <T extends Foo> syntax for constraints
<arjanb>i'm not sure because of the differences with java generics16:31
<bonniot>but basic cases work the same
it's like our new syntax for multi-methods16:32
the semantics is different from java methods, but it's still simpler to have similar syntax
<CIA-2>03bonniot * 10Nice/ (6 files in 4 dirs): 18:36
Make sure that constructors with defaults omitted are compiled first so they
get unmangled names, in case they clash with ones with all values.
Cleaned up DefaultConstructor by creating a class CompiledConstructor to
handle the details of bytecode generation.
03bonniot * 10Nice/testsuite/compiler/classes/fields.testsuite: More testcases for clashes between methods and automatic getters and setters.18:40
03arjanb * 10Nice/testsuite/ (29 files in 9 dirs): Removed deprecated pattern syntax from testsuite.19:56
<arjanb>should i remove it from the parser now?20:12
<bonniot>it would be better if it was completely removed before20:22
like regtest, maybe swing and nice.swt
thanks for the work on the testsuite!20:23
with this last commit, clashes between getters and methods should be solved now20:24
<CIA-2>03bonniot * 10Nice/ (2 files in 2 dirs):
Don't consider a bytecode method a refinement if it does not have the same
return type or a subtype.
<arjanb>niceswing doesn't seem to use old syntax20:25
<bonniot>please check that the bug you found with getType in the compiler is solved. then it can be implemented like you though it was the most clear
ok, good
* arjanb digs in memory20:26
<bonniot>that's the thing about commenting/uncommenting some getType definitions20:52
should be in the sualtam logs too
<arjanb>i remember now20:53
the getType bug is gone21:16
there's another bug triggered by nicec code21:50
a npe in generated code when findElements() in ast.nice is converted to an initializer
<bonniot>can you try to extract a testcase?22:54
<arjanb>i have tried that without succes22:57
but so you can commit the changes to getType?
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<CIA-2>03arjanb * 10Nice/src/bossa/syntax/ (Symbol.java symbol.nice): Removed workaround for fixed bug.23:51

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