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<bonniot>rfe will be forwarded to nice-devel from now on02:35
good night
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<bonniot>good news: i found that the SMAP can be further reduced easily15:00
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<CIA-2>03bonniot * 10Nice/src/gnu/bytecode/SourceMap.java: 18:16
Do not repeat file_number->file_name mappings. This saves about 50% of the
<bonniot>with this we fall at ~30K for bossa.syntax ;-)18:18
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<arjanb>testsuite now runs with -Xdebug21:14
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<Bluelive>hows life ?22:19
<bonniot>good, thanks ;-)22:22
how are you doing?
fine, bit of rsi trouble22:23
<Bluelive>too much hobbying on a bad keyword, and too much mouse work on the job ;)22:25
2 days rest and itll be alot better
but it is annoying, girlfriend is away for the weekend and hoped to do abit of hardcore coding22:26
you, any nice CS or coding done lately ?22:27
<Bluelive>computer science
<bonniot>ok, I read it as Nice, not nice, so it did not make sense ;-)22:42
writing the related works of my dissertation, that's CS ;-)
<Bluelive>making progress ?22:44
<bonniot>yeah, slowly...22:51

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