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<CIA-2>03bonniot * 10Nice/ (4 files in 2 dirs): 13:13
Properly print interface of classes that specialize their parent's type
Fix loading of compiled constructors for such classes.
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<CIA-2>03bonniot * 10Nice/Makefile: 17:18
Make the default target not force recompilation and not archive the results,
which is more practical when working on the Nice parts of the compiler.
03bonniot * 10Nice/src/bossa/modules/Package.java: Cleanup.17:24
<Atomixx>hi, does anyone know where i can find the swt-browser-.jar that i need to build nice.swt.jar ?18:17
<bonniot>ah, you're back ;-)18:24
<Atomixx>yes i am
<bonniot>let me see
<Atomixx>i found the three other jars it needed but i wasn't able to find the browser18:25
<bonniot>did you follow the instructions from the wiki page?
<Atomixx>yes i think so
i installed maven18:26
then i downloaded the nice.swt.zip
unpacked it18:27
and then i ran in the nice.swt directory maven nice:compile
but maven isn't able to download the required files
<bonniot>i get a failure for swt-3.0M7.jar18:29
<Atomixx>for me it didn't work for all jars
but i downloaded them and put them in the right directory
<bonniot>i wonder if they changed the jar names at ibiblio18:33
what jars did you get?18:34
<Atomixx>i took the swt and swt-pi jar from my installed eclipse because i didn't get any from the net18:35
and i found the maven-plugin on the nice homepage i think
<bonniot>the plugin should be downloaded automatically18:36
did you put, in your build.properties:18:37
maven.repo.remote = http://nice.sf.net/maven,http://www.ibiblio.org/maven
<Atomixx>where should the build.properties file be put in?
<bonniot>this is explained in http://nice.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/twiki/view/Doc/MavenGuide18:38
(depends on your platform...)
ok, it seems project.xml should be changed with:18:41
after this I can compile, without manual download of anything18:42
interestingly, this seems to reveal a bug in the compiler18:44
i have an idea what it is, it looks very minor
until then, you should be able to compile it with nice 0.9.918:48
i hope it can be fixed tonight though
<Atomixx>for me maven can't download the swt-pi and swt-browser jar i don't know why18:50
<bonniot>you're planning to do SWT development?
i think it's a question of having the right name
but it could be swing too
<bonniot>interesting in any case18:52
i'll have to go now, but I'll make sure that this compilation works out of the box as soon as possible
<bonniot>no problem ;-)
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<bonniot>arjanb: ?21:48
<bonniot>i see that nicec fails when compiling an empty package21:51
i seem to remember this happened before, and was fixed
maybe it was reintroduced during the conversion
do you have time to look at this?21:52
<arjanb>this is odd22:10
what stacktrace do you get?
<bonniot>Stack trace:22:12
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
at nice.lang.fun.forIterator(ForInIters.nice:23)
at nice.lang.dispatch.forIterator(dispatch.nice)
at bossa.syntax.fun.findElements(ast.nice:34)
at bossa.syntax.CAST.findElements(ast.nice)
at bossa.syntax.fun.createAST(ast.nice:183)
at bossa.syntax.dispatch.createAST(dispatch.nice)
at bossa.modules.Package.read(Package.java:123)
what is odd?
<arjanb>the null case seems to be handled at ast.nice:18222:13
<bonniot>indeed, it's strange22:14
<arjanb>the code generated for createAST looks very strange22:15
oh that's just the fields with default values22:18
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<bonniot>do you make sense of it?23:25
<arjanb>yes found a fix
<bonniot>what was the problem?23:28
<arjanb>addChildren in Node doesn't create a new list if it's empty so that needs to be in a constructor23:30
<CIA-2>03bonniot * 10Nice/ (3 files in 2 dirs): 23:35
Fix classes whose parent has less type parameters that the grand-parent,
by creating a new TypeConstructor when this is discovered (fixes #1097571).
03bonniot * 10Nice/src/ (4 files in 2 dirs):
Fix classes whose parent has less type parameters that the grand-parent,
by creating a new TypeConstructor when this is discovered (fixes #1097571).
<arjanb>the testsuite seem to hang here00:06
<bonniot>yeah, got that too00:13
it's a consequence of truncating SourceDebugExtension
i guess truncating sometimes makes the end of the SMAP invalid, which causes problems00:20
i'll commit a change where lines just stop being added, so the SMAP is still valid00:21
<CIA-2>03arjanb * 10Nice/src/bossa/syntax/AST.java: Avoid NPE when compiling empty packages.00:25
<bonniot>so what is happening line 182?00:28
<arjanb>that works but the list isn't directly assigned to the field00:31
<CIA-2>03bonniot * 10Nice/src/gnu/bytecode/SourceMap.java: Make sure to produce a valid source map while keeping its size below 65535.
in monotype.nice, couldn't nullness be made an enum?00:41
<arjanb>yes but i have done minimal change conversion for some time00:46
<bonniot>you mean you tried to minimize changes during conversion?00:47
<arjanb>yes because of the amount of work and chances to introduce bugs00:48
<bonniot>yes, it's a good idea to separate conversion from changes00:49
in this specific case it's annoying because names were replaced by numbers (with comments)
i think global constants could have been used to mimic Java's static values00:50
but now an enum would be even better ;-)00:51
<bonniot>OK, nice.swt should now be buildable again from CVS01:16
does the sourcemap change fix the testsuite hangs for you?01:33
<arjanb>not tried yet01:46
it fixes it here02:17
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<bonniot>good night02:55
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