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<bonniot>first time here?
<zdk>2nd time.11:15
<bonniot>ok. welcome, still ;-)11:16
<zdk>bonniot, nice to see you.
<bonniot>how are you doing with Nice?
<zdk>bonniot, umm.. nope. :)11:17
<zdk>bonniot, I come here to find someone could suggest me building own language.11:18
bonniot, would u like to test it?
<bonniot>have you built your language yet?11:19
<zdk>bonniot, not finished yet.
bonniot, but it just would be configuration language.11:20
<bonniot>and what motivates building a new language from scratch?11:21
<zdk>bonniot, umm.. simple and specific application I think.11:23
bonniot, http://calvin.coe.psu.ac.th/~s4410397/sil-10.02.2005.tar.gz11:24
<bonniot>is that an implementation?
<zdk>what do u mean? I don't get what is ur implementation?11:25
<bonniot>i was asking what was the link you gave11:26
<zdk>bonniot, umm .. ok11:27
bonniot, yes, it is.
bonniot, are u seeing?11:33
<bonniot>yeah, i looked at the examples
<zdk>bonniot, could u help me something?11:35
<bonniot>you can try to ask ;-)11:36
fist thing I have to tell u.
I'd like to use this to be configuration language for ip packet capturing.11:38
bonniot, did u see it when u see some examples?11:39
bonniot, the statement I actually need is like cfg11.11:40
count byte for Ether.type;
} ?
<zdk>bonniot, something like that.11:41
bonniot, wait a minutes I'll show u the tree.
bonniot, http://calvin.coe.psu.ac.th/~s4410397/Tree.jpg11:42
bonniot, do u understand what I'm doing?11:43
<bonniot>the tree does not seem to match cfg1111:45
if (ether.type == 0x800)
count bytes for IP.srcaddr;
count packets for IP.destaddr;
<zdk>this is11:47
bonniot, and then the sil compiler should generate intermediate code like this11:48
test { == { field ether 2 12 } { const 800 } }
{ true-false { count { bytecounter {} {} } { field IP 4 12 } }
{ count { packetcounter {} {} } { field IP 4 16 } }
<zdk>bonniot, great.11:50
bonniot, I stuck.
bonniot, can u help me?11:53
bonniot, please..
<bonniot>what's the problem?
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bonniot, do u know the way to generate intermediate code like this?11:56
<bonniot>well, once you have the tree, it's a depth first traversal of the tree11:57
<zdk_>bonniot, something like print_node function is useable?11:59
bonniot, it is in tree.c.12:01
<bonniot>looks like it, yes. have you written this code?12:03
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<zdk_>bonniot, I took it from some examples.12:04
<bonniot>you could at least implement it in Nice ;-)12:06
<zdk_>bonniot, :)12:07
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<bonniot>it seems SF is going to make subversion available during 2005 ;-)19:26
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