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<ArtemGr>I was thinking from time to time about Nice compilation. Currently I can compile Nice only on Linux, it won't compile on MSYS, Cygwin or even on FreeBSD 5.2.
I could try to make it compile at least on Windows, at least under Cygwin.14:14
But what would be the best (or accepted) way to do it?14:15
<arjanb>afaik Luc has done bootstrapping in cygwin
<ArtemGr>I doubt the UNIX shell compilation is the best way.
Is Luk bootstrapping in CVS? Or does it involve modifying the Cygwin environment itself?14:16
<arjanb>he got it working by a few modifications to the makefile14:17
<ArtemGr>All right. Is it in CVS? Is it on the web somewere?14:18
<ArtemGr>Will it be feasible to have a Nice script for bootstraping? It's bytecode-compiled version present in the CVS to be invoked by a simple command like "java bootstrap.fun"?14:21
<arjanb>it might be possible but i don't know how well calling commandline program from java works14:24
<ArtemGr>It works fine with a small class which abstracts away the complexity of working with several streams and the process simultaneously.14:26
Other than that, Java provides all the usual execution features in "java.lang.Runtime.exec".14:29
<arjanb>does that work portable?14:30
i think it's easier to modify the makefile to work on cygwin and maybe revive the batch file for bootstrapping14:31
<ArtemGr>Surely. I doubt it works on handhelds or smartphones, : )14:32
but it is widely used on conventional OSes.
<arjanb>why doesn't bootstrap work in FreeBSD?
<ArtemGr>I execute PHP engine in such way. Works on Windows.14:33
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<ArtemGr>javac: invalid flag: src/nice/tools/{code/*.java,util/JDK.java}14:42
gmake[1]: *** [core-bootstrap] Error 2
<arjanb>it probably doesn't understand the {.. , ..} shorthand14:46
<ArtemGr>Ya, GNU Make 3.80 seems to not understand that shorthand.14:47
FreeBDS build-in make is even less portable, and it seems it does not understand that shorthand either.14:49
<arjanb>i will ask Luc for his modifications14:54
<ArtemGr>And point is, I don't seem to share an opinion that every Nice developer should have a UNIX environment. And the only way to get current Nice snapshot is to obtain it from CVS and build using UNIX environment (currently Linux), while having bytecode-compiled bootstrapper would require only the JDK.
I'm a FreeBSD sysadmin and GCJ fan, but still it seems not a good way of things to me.14:56
<arjanb>i agree with that, it's just that bootstrapping never was a problem for those who wanted that14:58
the development version is an alternative to the cvs snapshot, or it that broken again?14:59
http://nice.sourceforge.net/nice.jar seems recent15:03
<ArtemGr>It wasn't working for several months since I heard about it from http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1070354&group_id=12788&atid=11278815:04
Currently it's working all right, thanks for the tip.15:05
<arjanb>yeah it's was broken many times because of conversion of a part of the compiler to nice code15:06
<ArtemGr>Now I have an IRC access I will notify you if I see it's broken again. Thanks.15:07
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