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may someone test if this piece of sourcecode crashes his compiler too: http://paste.phpfi.com/4672614:37
i haven't got the latest version of the compiler, so if it wouldn14:38
so if it won't affect newer versions i don't fill out a bug report14:39
my compiler version is:
Nice compiler version 0.9.9 (build 2004.12.09, 19:06:25 UTC)
does it cause an stackoverflow?14:41
i think it's the bug with recursive custom constructor calls and that has been fixed in the development version some time ago14:45
<Atomixx>yes it is a Stackoverflow14:46
so i should upgrade the compiler ;-)14:47
the problem was that i couldn't create a new object with the 2 parameters14:48
<arjanb>yes, the dev version is at http://nice.sourceforge.net/nice.jar
i was told that there wasn't a constructor taking two arguments14:49
arjanb, is it true that am array created with ' new typeOfArray[20]' may be null??14:50
i wondered about that
<arjanb>the elements of them are null yes
?type[] should be read as (?type)[]14:51
can they be initialized during construction if it isn't a simple datatype?14:52
i don't want my method to return an array whos elements may contain null14:53
<arjanb>new type[10].fill(int index => something_you_want_in_the_array);14:54
this can create a non null element array14:56
other options are create an array from a list or use cast if you are sure the array is filled14:57
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i'm back again
<Atomixx>it doesn't work for me.No possible call for fill.
Arguments: (?markov.MarkovRule[], (nice.lang.int)->(java.lang.String, java.lang.
String, nice.lang.boolean))
<T> nice.lang.void fill(nice.lang.List<T>, T)
<T, U | U <: T> U[] fill(nice.lang.Array<T> array, (int)->U value)
this is what the compiler reports
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<Atomixx`>sometimes the vpn connection of the univeristy isn't very stable
<arjanb>what is the argument to fill?15:05
<Atomixx`>oh i see
i want to init the three variables of the object15:06
but i am using a tuple of those three values
<Atomixx`>one should always think before asking silly questions ;-)15:07
but how do i do this right?
<arjanb>.fill(int index => new MarkovRule(....));15:09
<Atomixx`>ok i will try that15:10
thanks a lot
it is working yepee15:12
it is going to get a markov interpreter
if it is ready i could post it to the wiki perhaps15:13
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<arjanb>do you get the incorrect error message about the constructor with the latest version too?
<Atomixx`>haven't tried it yet15:14
i just have to replace the .jar file to get the new version. am i right?15:19
<Atomixx`>it tells me this : http://paste.phpfi.com/4673015:29
it should be a ServerSocket and a clientSocket which accepts the serverSocket connection15:30
but the programm should go on instead of waiting for the connection
<arjanb>did you use named arguments?15:31
<Atomixx`>i tried it with and without15:32
<arjanb>it should work with
<Atomixx`>i use the autogenerated condtructor at the moment15:34
i mean constructor
and i named the arguments like the variables they are assigned to
<arjanb>what is the line calling it?15:35
<Atomixx`>the line is: new myThread(server: serverSocket, socket: clientSocket).start();15:36
the lines before are: 'ServerSocket serverSocket = new ServerSocket( 5000);'15:37
and Socket clientSocket = new Socket("", 5000);15:38
<arjanb>odd, that should work
<Atomixx`>i did think so too
now it worked15:40
i don't know why
perhaps i didn't hit C-x C-s right in emacs
unfortunately i have to quit now15:41
<arjanb>anyway the error message doesn't make sense
<Atomixx`>your right
<arjanb>i will look at that
<Atomixx`>i'll be back in about 2 or three hours.
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hi again18:03
what is up with this page at the bottom18:04
http://nice.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/twiki/view/Doc/JavaIntegration ???
<arjanb>sigh a wikispammer again18:24
<Atomixx>seems so18:33
once again a question18:40
if i want to use a java library i call the compiler like this:18:41
nicec --classpath "/path/to/lib" -a package.jar package
did i get that right?
ok bye18:51
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