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arjanb, i have a question15:11
<arjanb>that is?
<Atomixx`>how can i cover an empty array in value dispatch15:12
<arjanb>that's not possible15:13
<Atomixx`>i tried '[]' but that doesn't work15:14
so i have to take array.length to see if it is possible
<Atomixx`>my first nice program is nearly working how i want it to15:15
<arjanb>it's not a bad idea to allow empty arrays as value but the question is where to stop with adding values for dispatch
<Atomixx`>yes thats right15:16
i modified the scissors, paper, rocks example to work with to players on a network15:17
i mean 'two' players not 'to'15:18
unfortunately i have to quit now15:26
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