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<arjanb>i don't see any class that make sense to be converted now20:09
maybe i can move a few abstract methods out though
daniel do you have time to look at verification bug?20:28
<bonniot>i could try
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<bonniot>arjanb: I just uncomment the line in Symbol and recompile?21:00
<arjanb>yes and comment the one in symbol.nice
<bonniot>which one?21:02
<arjanb>ehm comment in symbol.nice and uncomment in Symbol.java
<bonniot>atm is's already commented in symbol.nice21:03
line 50
* arjanb confused himself21:04
symbol.nice:50 and Symbol.java:32 need commenting change21:05
<arjanb>is it reproducable?21:28
i'm running the testsuite with -Xverify21:30
<bonniot>yes, i get it while bootstraping21:32
i just found what's wrong
it's a conflict between the getType method returning a Polytype, and the getType accessor, automatically generated because there is a field type of type Monotype in MonoSymbol21:33
<arjanb>i see21:37
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<arjanb>the current accessor generation is way too primitive21:50
i shouldn't have written that while knowing not enough..21:52
<bonniot>do you have new ideas?21:54
<arjanb>in what sense?21:56
<bonniot>to do it differently21:58
<arjanb>not exactly but there quite a few corner cases to consider21:59
<CIA-8>03bonniot * 10Nice/testsuite/compiler/classes/fields.testsuite: Known bug: generated field accessors can conflict with methods.22:06

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