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hi daniel14:34
<arjanb>how are you doing?15:07
<bonniot>good, thanks (apart fomr coming back from the dentist ;-)15:09
i probably have a couple more weeks on writing the dissertation
what about you?
<arjanb>atm i'm tracking down a nullness problem in the converted Monotype..15:10
last 2 week changes were slow because of vacation15:12
maybe interesting observations about how Groovy is doing: http://www.pyrasun.com/mike/mt/15:16
Nice\classes\nice\lang\package.nicei: line 16, column 8:16:37
Method <T> ?T notNull(?T value) is declared but never implemented:
seems i messed up a little in converted but i have no idea where to look..16:38
<bonniot>was this created by a recent change?17:13
<arjanb>a change i'm working on now17:14
<bonniot>and what are you converting?17:15
<bonniot>did you recompare the code to make sure it is equivalent?17:16
<arjanb>how could i do that?17:19
<bonniot>by reading both at the same time17:21
<arjanb>i tried that before and that doesn't work17:23
<bonniot>there must be a difference, though17:25
unless it's the compiler generating incorrect code
<arjanb>i ended up doing the conversion again last time
<bonniot>and that worked?17:26
<arjanb>yes but it's redoing 5 hours of work or something :(17:27
<bonniot>just for Monotype.java?17:28
<bonniot>why is it so long? it's 300 lines, mostly short methods17:31
<arjanb>it depends a lot on number of places where the class is used17:32
<bonniot>what needs to be changed in clients?17:34
<arjanb>use of static methods, nullness issues, constructor calls17:35
<bonniot>i see17:37
i think it's more economical to recheck the diff than to redo everything17:39
with diff -u, you can easily check all the changes in other files
<arjanb>i can try17:40
<bonniot>why are there commented imports in methodDeclaration.nice ?17:42
<arjanb>probably leftover from conversion17:43
<bonniot>I think we could remove this from nice.lang:17:51
<T> String valueOf(T) = native String String.valueOf(Object);
now that Object is handled, one can use String.valueOf explicitely17:52
do you agree?
i'm fixing bootstrap problems
last bootstrap was dec 2917:53
<arjanb>does bootstrap include nicedoc? because that doesn't compile atm17:55
<bonniot>yes, that seems to be the reason18:02
the fix is simple
<CIA-7>03bonniot * 10Nice/src/nice/tools/doc/htmlwriter.nice: Use String.valueOf instead of toString on now non-null value.18:07
<arjanb>i didn't see anything odd in the diff18:09
i guess the easiest is to make a copy of converted code and start again..18:12
<CIA-7>03bonniot * 10Nice/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Catch VerificationError (fixes #1100900).19:13
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<CIA-7>03arjanb * 10Nice/src/ (26 files in 4 dirs): Cleanup and preparation for Monotype conversion.20:50
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03arjanb * 10Nice/src/bossa/ (10 files in 2 dirs): More preparation for Monotype conversion.22:56

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