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<bangoola>Is this thing alive?00:14
Anybody home?
ChanServ are you there?00:16
<arjanb>hello bangoola
I just found out about the Nice language and I want to know more00:17
Do you have to have a previous programing experience?
<arjanb>i not sure if it's needed but the manual assume some experience00:18
beside the manual, is there other resources?00:33
<arjanb>there are a few other articles written but afaik none at beginner level00:35
<bangoola>how did you learn?00:36
<arjanb>i knew a few languages before discovering Nice00:38
<bangoola>are there any application written in Nice00:39
<arjanb>no bigger ones yet00:41
<bangoola>What could nice do better than other languages
Or it is just another language?00:42
Sorry if I'm asking too many questions, I just want to educate myself.00:46
<arjanb>it's hard to explain without refering to all kinds of programming concepts00:47
as first language to learn yourself is Python good candidate i think00:48
<bangoola>Give it a shot. I'm not a total novice.
From reading the manual, I have the impression that nice is to Java what C++ is to C.00:49
Is that correct?00:50
<arjanb>well Nice is more a combination of some languages than a successor00:51
<bangoola>Do you plan to write any application in Nice yourself?00:52
<arjanb>now i'm working on converting the compiler itself from Java to Nice code00:53
<bangoola>You are one of the devellopers?00:54
<bangoola>What was the motivation for writing a new language
<arjanb>other languages became annoying to work with00:57
<bangoola>What do you mean?
<arjanb>having to workaround limitation, needing to write more code than steps i think in00:59
<bangoola>Do you have an exemple?01:02
<arjanb>i can't think of a short one just now01:06
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