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<lucp>there is an error bootstrapping02:48
~/workspace/Nice/src/bossa/syntax/dispatchTest.nice: line 432, column 46:
mlsub.typing.Enumeration is neither a valid expression nor a valid package
also relevant02:49
~/workspace/Nice/src/bossa/syntax/dispatchTest.nice: line 17, column 38:
warning: Ignoring retyping because class mlsub.typing.Enumeration was not found
<arjanb>looks like that class isn't compiled yet02:50
<lucp>i will add it in the Makefile02:51
<arjanb>line 163 i think
<lucp>that was the only problem03:07
<arjanb>ok :-)03:08
<lucp>no wait there is more problem03:09
in nicedoc
~/workspace/Nice/src/nice/tools/doc/htmlwriter.nice: line 333, column 48:03:10
Arguments (?mlsub.typing.Polytype) do not fit:
<T> java.lang.String toString(!T)
also at line 431 and 505
<arjanb>these are easy to fix and don't matter for nicec03:11
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<arjanb>hello byron19:05
<byron>Hey, how's it going
<arjanb>good, the conversion of the core to nice is almost complete19:07
Sorry, what would be the core? :)19:08
core libraries?
Ahh, core code!
From java files...
<arjanb>yes, the main package of nicec
Is that in CVS now?19:09
<byron>Doing an update now
Lots of nice files :)
Was it pretty straight forward to convert from java to nice files?19:13
<arjanb>you might need a recent development version to compile it
well that varied a lot19:15
came across a few bugs but most was straight forward19:16
<byron>bugs in nice, or just bugs in the conversion?19:17
<CIA-3>03arjanb * 10Nice/Makefile: Explicitly compile the mlsub.typing package.19:21
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<CIA-3>03arjanb * 10Nice/src/ (bossa/parser/Parser.jj mlsub/typing/Enumeration.java): Removed some superfluous conversion constructs.22:20
03arjanb * 10Nice/src/bossa/syntax/ (14 files): Removed some superfluous conversion constructs.22:21

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