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<arjanb>lacking concentration for coding today :(
<lucp>i have a headache.. i will not even attempt it.02:35
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<bonniot>some automated bootstraps succeeded, but they fail since last night:13:16
~/automated/tester/builds/Nice/src/bossa/syntax/niceMethod.nice: line 257, column 20:
Class bossa.syntax.Constraint has no constructor
<arjanb>looks like a retyping is missing13:21
i will try bootstrap with dev version13:24
UnknownType typeparams are a little too convenient..13:33
<bonniot>they should be in the dev version now, right?13:36
<arjanb>the dev version doesn't seem to be updated13:37
<bonniot>right, sorry. i say the days was 23, i thought that was today ;-)13:41
once there is a successful bootstrap, it should be easier13:42
<CIA-3>03arjanb * 10Nice/src/bossa/syntax/tools.nice: Added missing retyping.13:49
<arjanb>it should work now13:50
bootstrap works now, but there is a failure in swing:15:24
[nicec] Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access field gnu.bytecode.Field.next from class bossa.syntax.fun
[nicec] at bossa.syntax.fun.getField(fun.nice:8716)
[nicec] at bossa.syntax.JavaFieldAccess.getField(javaFieldAccess.nice)
[nicec] at bossa.syntax.fun.buildScope(fun.nice:8736)
[nicec] at bossa.syntax.JavaFieldAccess.buildScope(javaFieldAccess.nice) [nicec] at bossa.syntax.Node.buildScope(Node.java:243)
[nicec] at bossa.syntax.Node.buildScope(Node.java:170)
[nicec] at bossa.syntax.fun.buildScope(fun.nice:11885)
[nicec] at bossa.syntax.CAST.buildScope(ast.nice)15:25
[nicec] at bossa.modules.Package.scope(Package.java:239)
can this be a problem introduced during the conversion into nice?15:27
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<arjanb>i guess luc was tired16:11
is there a easy way to check for these kind of things?16:13
<bonniot>what is the problem?16:22
<arjanb>a accessor method got replaced by a field access16:23
fix committed
<bonniot>is it something that's declared in bossa.syntax.dispatch?16:24
<bonniot>so why does it compile?
<arjanb>somehow nicec doesn't always check for that16:26
<bonniot>nicec doesn't check if the field exists?16:32
<arjanb>the field exists but isn't public16:33
<bonniot>i'll add the check16:35
ok, that should do it, i'll let the full testing occur while i'm gone16:57
but this must mean the feature implement at javaFieldAccess.nice:81 is not tested at the moment (except in swing)16:59
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<bonniot>hum, actually for private fields it is already correct20:01
for package or protected ones it might be easier to do together with visibility in nice
<CIA-7>03bonniot * 10Nice/testsuite/compiler/native/fields.testsuite: Access to private and protected fields in Java classes.20:12
<arjanb>for protected method it is checked atm20:25
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