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did you find a solution for the type param fixing?02:05
the number of typeparameters is a type system limitation so it should be changed there and not as a workaround in the ast..02:12
<lucp>i agree..
<arjanb>for now i'm focussing on getting the compiler internals in a better shape02:15
and when daniel has time again do bigger features to get ready for 1.002:16
i think complete conversion of bossa.syntax is possible before new year02:22
<lucp>i'm going to focus on the Java support classes02:25
<arjanb>it should not be hard if all *Java* classes are done at the same time02:28
<lucp>i think so too
only JavaClasses has a lot of code, and its static02:29
<arjanb>yeah about 1k in lines in total02:30
static isn't a problem though methods need a more descriptive name when they are not in a static class02:32
<lucp>yes i know
otherwise the dispatch methods will get slow02:33
<arjanb>it has nothing to do with speed
hmm almost nothing else left to be converted without doing bossa.link too02:40
<lucp>are they interdependant? i think mostly bossa.link depends on bossa.syntax and not the other way around for the most part02:42
<arjanb>right except for Alternative and a few static methods02:47
i'm not sure about calling nice methods in another package from java code02:49
moving bossa.link into bossa.syntax would make reusing dispatch.java.bootstrap thing possible02:51
<lucp>have a nice night03:55
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<CIA-4>03arjanb * 10Nice/src/bossa/ (5 files in 2 dirs): Converted FunType.04:46
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<CIA-4>03arjanb * 10Nice/testsuite/compiler/methods/overriding.testsuite: Testcase for bug in coverage testing of an override.16:56
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