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has daniel replied yet?
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<arjanb>hello daniel17:46
<lucp>hi daniel
<bonniot>it's been a long time...17:47
<arjanb>*away for dinner, sorry17:49
<bonniot>what were the news in the source code? more conversions to Nice?18:19
<arjanb>yes i think only conversions the last 2 weeks18:20
the unknowntype typeparams feature works well that i have used it without noticing thus breaking the bootstrap for others because it wasn't in the development version18:24
<bonniot>sorry, i'm not sure I get your sentence18:25
<arjanb>did you notice the bootstrap problem?18:27
<bonniot>i saw the messages, and that it was fixed
<arjanb>it was because i unintentional used the default retyping with unknowntype params so it works well18:31
atm there's more nice code in bossa.syntax than java code18:55
a few syntactic types can be converted before getting stuck on the bossa.link being java code18:56
and the protected methods problem is an issue too18:58
moving the bossa.link package into bossa.syntax looks as the simplest solution to me19:14
<bonniot>to work around protection?19:19
it's not a good idea design-wise19:20
<arjanb>not being able to use java protected methods is a seperate problem
<bonniot>so what is the other problem?19:25
<arjanb>that the bossa.link package is used by/using a dozen classes in bossa.syntax so hard to convert19:27
<bonniot>that might be solved by the split of bossa.syntax19:28
<arjanb>i think the split up of can be easily done when bossa.syntax is converted completely19:31
<bonniot>why wait?19:34
<lucp>in what way is bossa.syntax planned to be split?19:35
<arjanb>because i prefer not to complicate the bootstrap process further19:36
<bonniot>lucp: different phases should do done in separate packages19:37
so for instance, in theory, code generation should be completely separate19:38
<arjanb>my idea is to convert so much that dispatch.java.bootstrap isn't needed anymore and leaving only a few java interfaces19:50
then refactor the nice code (reducing duplicate code, make it more nice-ish) and then split up in compilation phases19:52
would a temporary merge of bossa.link into bossa.syntax a problem?19:59
<bonniot>it's not very clean. not impossible if it cannot be avoided20:00
<CIA-3>03arjanb * 10Nice/src/bossa/syntax/dispatch.java.bootstrap: Removed superfluous methods from dispatch.java.bootstrap.20:41
<arjanb>compilation of the nice part of bossa.syntax takes longer than niceswing now20:44
the only significant difference in profiling is 11.8% java.lang.Throwable.fillInStackTrace while with niceswing it's 5.5%20:48
i'm not sure what is generating so much exceptions. the percentage seems not to increase with more nice source20:56
<bonniot>strange. that should be investigated21:13
<arjanb>lucp: do you have changes in progress?21:24
<lucp>i have been converted TupleType.. almost done, just very lately the last couple of weeks.21:25
*very busy

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