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<gamsl>what do you think of the initial posting?22:19
<cm_>Great, I have been busy but I will try to post something soon.23:22
<gamsl>cool, i' at the moment reading the book i mentioned in the post, and it's really a good one! they describe eclipse source in terms of patterns (well that's one they're famous for :-), and it really surprised me, how consequent eclipse code follows these patterns and how "easy" this makes it to follow this huge amount of code23:31
fortunately they do describe the java model for source as well (although not too exhaustive), which should help make the understanding of this integral part a lot easier. It also convinced me once more, that we need a kind of model like this. Their description of the basic design of this component even made me less frightened to mess with it :!23:34
<cm_>Sounds great. I should read the book as well instead of learning the hard way...23:36
<gamsl>it is a good book i think, although i only read the patterns chapter, where they walk through eclipse basic concepts by explaining them along with their patterns, and showing parts of source where they are used. the rest, according to the table of contents, looks very promising too.23:40
<cm_>Does it contain any information about JDT?23:41
<gamsl>It is not too detailed on this one in particular, although it describes the basic architectures. there should be books that dig deeper into this beast23:42
i have the feeling it is in a way just a book about programming with patterns, and they use eclipse to show these patterns in action.23:45
btw have you heard about the javaspider plugin?23:46
<cm_>Nope, what is that?23:53
<gamsl>you can get it via the update manager by adding a bookmark to http://javaspider.sourceforge.net/updatesite/ . basically you can browse and follow eclipse code graphically, it's great for exploring eclipse source, although it could be a bit more easy to use ....00:00
once installed you have to switch to the spider perspective00:02
<gamsl>it would need more features though, like walking up from a target, not only going down ...00:22
<cm_>Is there a homepage for javaspider? javaspider.sf.net is empty.00:36
<gamsl>i couldn't find one. it's mentioned in the book, but the link they give doesn't exist anymore. i just found the downloadpage00:37

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