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<lucp>very busy this week.. i probably wont do anything until the weekend. have you met up with Daniel to discuss the protected methods?
<arjanb>i send a mail but no response yet..02:37
<lucp>is there a solution for visibility that has been decided on?03:00
<arjanb>do mean what the semantics for visibility modifiers in nice shoudl become?03:03
<arjanb>the default is package, public as in java, private means sourcefile visibility, no protected because it doesn't make sense with multimethods03:08
<lucp>will the rules apply to adding methods to existing classes?03:10
<arjanb>not all details are decided but the idea is to start simple and add restriction if found useful
hmm if the class isn't visible you can't add methods i think03:12
<lucp>the best starting point would probably add the visibility modifiers to the classes.03:13
then work down to methods.
<arjanb>yes, global variables/constants are easy too because the meaning is clear03:16
the things i'm undecided about is visibility whit implementing methods and the influence of field visibility on default constructors03:20
<lucp>i have another question.03:21
is there a way to chain multiple custom constructors?
<arjanb>it's possible afaik03:22
<lucp>even if the other customer constructor is in a super class?03:24
err custom not customer
<arjanb>yes then it's the custom constructor of the superclass plus the needed fields in the subclass03:25
<lucp>that's good to know.. i was not fully clear on how it worked.03:26
away for dinner.
<arjanb>a custom constructor is compiled similar to a java constructor03:27
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<arjanb>hello drynish04:37
I was searching for help on #mono and I found a link for this channel
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<arjanb>i don't see much relation but i guess search engines work to hard..04:48
<drynish>I read a bit about you on sf.net04:49
but do you really think there's a place for another compiler?
<arjanb>do you have a link?04:51
<drynish>a link for?
<arjanb>i can't remember having said that..04:52
<drynish>Is nice another compiler?04:53
<arjanb>Nice is a language and has a compiler ofcourse04:54
<drynish>Oki... I will check one day :P04:55
When I'll be able to get around this fucking bug with monO!
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<gamsl>my mailer works again, i think i'll sit down and write a first nice-eclipse post ....14:22
hi cm
<cm_>hi gaslm14:34
Excellent idea :-)
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<gamsl>arjanb: may it be a good idea to create a wiki page for the eclipse plugin as well? (independent from Alex's one)17:02
<arjanb>sure, though the mailinglist has an archive but then you need to search17:06
<gamsl>I think I will copy my initial post to nice-eclipse to a wiki page as well and add a link in the mail to the page. Is there a way to get notified if the wiki changes?17:08
<arjanb>there was a notify mailer untill cronjobs were disabled on sf17:10
<gamsl>that's a pity17:19
<arjanb>yeah sf has grown too fast..17:22
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<gamsl>i just sent a mail to nice-eclipse ....19:01
i have to leave ... bye20:41
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