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<arjanb>no news from me today..01:20
<lucp>are you still working on inlined methods?
<arjanb>no got bugged by other's things01:21
<lucp>same here.. i will not be starting on anything today.01:22
<arjanb>inlinedMethod is completely converted but not compiling because of protected methods01:23
<lucp>which methods are protected?
<arjanb>one from classloader..
<lucp>i have the same problem.01:32
<arjanb>imho it needs fixing before the next release02:18
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<gamsl>i am trying to get eclipse to run nice apps. this means using the java launching framework that eclipse provides. however in it's most simple form this needs the java class containing the main method to launch it. I know that it's probably easiest launching nice apps from jars, but launching from class files will be faster since no jar has to be generated all the time16:02
where does main reside? is it always in package fun?16:03
the thing is that eclipse's java capabilities are immense and actually I tink that eclipse should be able to find the correct class containing main by itself (as it does in java, when specifiying the class containing main in the project), but the code that realizes all this (which is a lot) is tailored to java (working on javaprojects,....)16:07
<arjanb>yes the main is always in the fun class of a package16:08
<gamsl>but I think that the user should not be confronted with searching the main type in the automatically generated fun class, and also not limited to only running from jar
what if there are more mains?16:09
is this possible in the same package?
<arjanb>not in the same package at least16:10
<gamsl>so if package test defines main it will end up in test.fun.main ?
<gamsl>is there an easy way (except reflection) to find out if fun contains a main method?16:12
<arjanb>i think relfection is the simplest way..
<gamsl>mhm ... the most elegant way would be to let eclipse do all the work, as it already knows how to do it for java, which in the context of launching, should be the same for us16:15
i tried to locate the spots in eclipse code that realize this functionality, they are of course in the jdt and some of them are dependent on JavaProject and JavaModel, which is inappropriate for us.16:17
<arjanb>sorry that i'm not responsive but the beagle compition is at our flat and fun watching it..
whats beagle competition?
to finish my thought ... extending this classes would still leave us with classes that depend on javaprojects, which is not right, but just copypasting 95% of every class file i need seems ugly as well ....16:20
<arjanb>packaging a pc such that it can be dropped from highest (by the local cs student society)16:22
well i don't know enough of eclipse to help deciding this..17:52
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