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hey theres20:09
i am trying to build a NiceSwing application but i get an runtime error, anybody who can help?20:10
<arjanb>moment phone20:13
<BlaFoBarMax>Here is my problem. I am using the eclipse plugin v0.9.8 and i have a very simple NiceSwing application where i register an windowListener by registering a method. I can compile it without an error. if i run the applicatin i get the following error: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassFormatError: /fun (Field "panel" has illegal signature "L/HelloPanel;")Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassFormatError: /fun (Field "panel" has illegal
if i use nicec i dont get this error20:20
Does NiceSwing not work with the eclipse plugin?20:21
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<arjanb>i have never tried that20:22
<arjanb>a problem is the eclipse plugin is for eclipse 2.*
that plugin stopped early in development because the author was to busy with his job..20:26
<BlaFoBarMax>i use eclipse 2.2.1, i didnt get it to work on eclipse 3.0
ok, so i guess i just use nicec to compile my progs20:27
<arjanb>yes that a known problem but someone else has started on a plugin for eclipse 3.020:28
<BlaFoBarMax>another thing, I declared a variable using let, but i still could change the value of it using the increment or decrement operator. is this the correct behavior?20:32
<arjanb>that should not be possible20:34
do you have a short example where it happens?20:36
<BlaFoBarMax>no, i had it in an test application where i played around a little bit with nice, bu i had somthing like this: let i = 10; i++;20:37
<arjanb>i can't find an example to reproduce this..20:40
<BlaFoBarMax>ok, it occures again i will save the code and post it here20:41
<arjanb>ok :)20:42
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