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<arjanb>sigh @ buggy parser01:18
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<fcb>I'm confused - perhaps you can help?15:06
<fcb>I still onto this "adding more links thing". Daniel gave me this code:15:10
let pkg = compilation.packages.get(name);
let res = pkg != null && pkg.compiling;
This should be able to tell if I have the source available for a package. but I can't get it to work
hang on - brb15:12
<arjanb>res is always true?
<fcb>well, I didn't even get that far15:19
when I try to compile that it says:15:22
Ambiguity for symbol compilation. Possibilities are :
bossa.modules.Compilation compilation(bossa.syntax.Definition)
bossa.modules.Compilation compilation(bossa.syntax.Module)
<arjanb>so compilation is a field of the definition you're generating doc for15:24
let pkg = d.compilation...15:26
<fcb>let's say I'm documenting GlobalVarDeclaration gv (say java.io.File outdir = new File(".")). I want to find out if I have the source for java.io.File. What would I do?15:27
<arjanb>let pkg = gv.compilation.packages.get(packageName); i guess15:29
<fcb>that would have been my guess too15:30
but I get a linking error:15:31
htmlwriter.nice: line 0, column 0:
Method bossa.modules.Compilation bossa.syntax.Definition.compilation() is not accessible
<arjanb>oh is not a public field15:35
<arjanb>maybe Definition.currentModule.compilation works..
<fcb>I'll try it
well, it compiles anyway :)15:44
I don't think its doing what I want15:58
<fcb>I'll have to ask Daniel what he meant16:01
I might go to bed now and try again later16:02
thanks anyway
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<CIA-10>03arjanb * 10Nice/src/bossa/ (5 files in 2 dirs): Converted MethodBodyDefinition.17:53
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