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did you apply luc's patch to CVS?00:49
<bonniot>can you apply patches automatically now?
<arjanb>no haven't tried that yet00:51
it's not problem in general because i check and make minor changes to the code at the same time00:57
<bonniot>yes. it's still less work to apply it automatically and then review the changes00:58
thanks for applying it
ok, i need to go now. i'll be back on monday01:05
<bonniot>good night01:15
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looks like everyone's been busy
<arjanb>mostly Luc15:07
i think in a week we will have most of bossa.syntax converted to nice15:10
someone been updating nicedoc as well :) but I haven't looked at the changes yet
<arjanb>only changes because of the conversion..15:11
<fcb>ah, ok15:12
if I have a class in a package it will be something like com.mydomain.pkg.Class, right?15:25
that's fine because then I just get the last . and the package name is everything before that.15:26
but can you have inner classes like com.mydomain.pkg.Class.Inner such that that isn't true?
<arjanb>yeah you can't distinguish between inner classes and package by looking at the form of the name15:29
<fcb>hmm, I thought as much15:38
<arjanb>looking at capital letters will be correct most of time..15:41
<fcb>but only through convention, I think. It's ok, I think I can probably find another method15:44
<arjanb>yes it's pity java doesn't enforce these basic conventions..15:46
<CIA-10>03fbarber * 10Nice/src/nice/tools/doc/ (utilities.nice htmlwriter.nice): Just trying to rationalise the source code a bit15:55
<fcb>ok, I'm off. see you later.16:18
* fcb leaves
<CIA-10>03arjanb * 10Nice/src/bossa/ (8 files in 2 dirs): Converted AST.21:26

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