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i am behind two patches :(17:07
<arjanb>yeah centralized version control is not handy..17:11
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<lucp>why is this happening?19:54
No possible call for get.19:55
Arguments: ((loader.NicecClassLoader)->java.util.HashMap<java.net.URL, loader.NicecLoader>, java.net.URL)
<arjanb>maybe you forgot the 'this.'19:56
<lucp>i checked that.. let me try a simple test case19:57
i must be having one of those moments.. its working now.20:01
now i have a new problem :(20:30
<arjanb>that is?20:32
<lucp>ClassLoader.defineClass() is protected final, not just protected
* arjanb has no clue about classloading20:34
<lucp>well, you sub class the ClassLoader, and call defineClass in the base class once you have loaded the class to a byte array. my problem is that my current implementation of the protected member problem created a method of the same name with a single call 'super'. the JVM is throwing a VerifyError, stating that i have override a final method.20:35
i guess i will need to make an exception for final methods, and create a redirect method with a different name.20:40
<arjanb>no all redirection methods should have a different name so that you don't get conflicts like this20:41
like putting a $ in the name20:42
for example protected$methodname20:43
<lucp>i disagree, because if the user provided his own implementation of the protected method, it should call that one instead..20:44
<arjanb>true just implement it as20:46
protected$method(...) { return this.method(...); }
hmm wait that won't work if the first argument is java class..20:48
the redirect method needs to be static..20:49
<lucp>sorry i must go away for a while--- be back soon
<arjanb>static foo protected$method(SomeJavaClass bar, ...) { return bar.method(...); }20:50
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