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<arjanb>i applied your code02:47
<arjanb>few remarks though:
it isn't needed to add methods to dispatch.java.bootstrap if they are only used in the parser02:48
<lucp>okay.. i wasn't sure02:49
<arjanb>don't be reluctant to use nice features where appropiate02:50
and watch out for subtle changes in behaviour02:51
! (... instanceof JavaClass) isn't the same as ... instanceof NiceClass but it happens to fix a bug02:53
<lucp>which bug?02:55
<arjanb>of primitives implementing a non abstract interface02:56
<lucp>was that a known bug?
<arjanb>no just an overlooked corner case02:57
<lucp>thats what i thought.. i did think of that when i changed the line. i see the changes you made to the patch. i wasn't aware you could add a body { lookup(); } for initialization. should be added to the manual :)02:59
<arjanb>it's in the manual: example 3.303:00
<lucp>great! i must of not seen it.03:05
interfaces can have method implementations in nice?
<lucp>i should probably go over the whole manual..
<arjanb>it's too concise on some topics..03:09
<lucp>can java code access nice global variables?03:10
<arjanb>they are compiled to static fields in fun class i think03:12
<lucp>nicec has many static fields, which is why i asked..03:13
<arjanb>is it causing problems with converting?03:20
<lucp>well, i was looking at the PrimitiveType class, which is pretty simple itself, however it has many static fields which are used all over the code. correct me if i'm wrong but nice classes cannot have static fields, right?03:24
<arjanb>that's right03:27
the static fields in PrimitiveType don't belong there i think03:29
<lucp>its probably better to leave that class alone for now.03:34
<lucp>away for a while. i may convert another class tonight03:54
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<CIA-10>03arjanb * 10Nice/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Check for cyclic custom constructor calls, fixes bug #1069263.23:25

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