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<lucp>hi. thank you for answering some of my questions.
<arjanb>what name do you suggest instead of MethodBodyDefinition?02:27
i have no idea about Node..02:32
<lucp>well, the comment at the beginning of the file describes the class as: Definition of an alternative for a method
IMO a more appropriate name would be something like AlternativeMethodImplementation02:33
<arjanb>sounds not bad02:34
<lucp>It should be called Implementation because it has a statement body02:35
<arjanb>well definition is used as toplevel definition and as definition vs implementation02:37
maybe the first could be called declaration02:41
i should find out whether CustomConstructor can extend Constructor, in that case UserOperator could be merged away02:42
<lucp>i included other rename proposals because of the inner classes which will need to be separated once they are converted02:49
<arjanb>right but AbstractClassDefinition could be confusing02:52
<lucp>i agree.. it has nothing to do with abstract classes..02:54
<arjanb>no idea for alternative name though. ObjectDefinition, ContainerDefinition, TypeConstructorDefinition, all no good name..03:01
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<arjanb>is the ast class hierachy clear to you now?03:58
<lucp>it is much better with a visual.03:59
so yes
the only problem i see is that in a true AST, everything should be connected in the tree, including statements and expressions. this is not the case with Nicec.04:03
<arjanb>does that make a practical difference?04:05
<lucp>it is not very important, however if you wish to make a tree traversal, you need to iterate the children manually.04:07
it is a more important detail when you are in a language that requires the use of the visitor pattern
<lucp>i think the most effective way to convert the bossa.syntax package to nice is to create interfaces in java for the methods that need to be accessed in java... then create the class in nice to implement the interface.04:17
<arjanb>an abstract class instead of an interface because most have superclasses04:20
one difficulty is that every argument of method accessed in java has to a java class04:22
<lucp>thats true, because the nice classes are compiled only after.04:24
<arjanb>except for bossa.link package the usage of bossa.syntax is very limited so i don't expect problems with that04:42
<lucp>which packages will cause the most problems?04:46
<arjanb>i think bossa.link needs conversion when converting the method part of bossa.syntax04:48
<lucp>i will try to convert JavaClass tonight. there is not many references to it.04:53
i will mail daniel for his thoughts on improving ast hierarchy04:58
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