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<cm_>arjanb: 6 people in the channel - new record? :-)01:07
but they look not active..01:15
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<arjanb>hello luc20:36
<lucp>hello. i am just stopping by on my lunch break.20:37
do you need help converting bossa.syntax to nice?
<arjanb>well the conversion is at a point where it's hard to convert anything without adding more passes during bootstrap20:39
<lucp>what's the solution?20:40
<arjanb>reducing dependencies between packages or split up classes to a java base class and a nice implementation20:41
<lucp>we should be able to add an interface to each class during the conversion.. i would like to discuss this more but i must go to work.. i wont return for 5-6 hours unforunately.20:44
bye for now..20:46
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