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is type[?] and ?type[] equivalent?02:03
<arjanb>no ?type[] == (?type)[] nd type[?] == ?(type[])02:16
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<lucp>i see.. that may be confusing for a beginner.. my instinct told me it was the other way around02:17
<arjanb>it's confusing02:18
but you can write Array<?type> or ?Array<type> instead
<lucp>ok. thanks.02:19
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<arjanb>how's the protected method thing going02:41
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<lucp>slow, but i believe i am on the right track02:50
i have a working solution. it needs to be tested thoroughly02:55
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<lucp>i am emailing you the patch.03:18
away for a while03:19
<arjanb>looks good to me03:44
i'll test tomorrow03:45
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